Summer Children and Parents in Shanghai

Chinese Language and Culture in Shanghai

 Mid-May to late August

Program Overview:

This program is designed for kids 4-13 years old to live and learn Chinese in an authentic Chinese

community in a nice suburb in Shanghai. Children of 4-8 years old will enroll in a local kindergarten-

preschool, while 9-13 years old group attend an elementary school, and/or take private Chinese

lessons in the morning, while in the afternoon join local kids' art/sports lessons or activities.

All kids and their accompanying parents have the option to live with Chinese families.  There will be

at least one city excursion every week.  There will also be evening and weekend gatherings with

community kids and host families.

Program for 4-8 age group: Attend the preschool from 8:30 to 3:30 M-F with Chinese children, to participate in standard Kindergarten education, which includes reading, games, drawing, sports, singing, etc.  TCE will provide additional activities between 3:30-5:00, including swimming, and other outdoor activities.  There are 20-25 students in each class at the school. 


Program for the 9-13 age group: Those who participate in the program before June 20th will be

placed in an elementary school to attend classes with students of the same age, 8:00 am - 3:30

pm, M-F.  After 3:30 pm, they will participate in off-campus art/sports lessons or activities arranged

by TCE, such as calligraphy, or drawing/painting classes, or sports classes in the community. 

Those who participate between June 20th and the end of August, students will take private Chinese

lessons 9-11:30 am M-F in a host family. and take art/sports lessons/activities between 1:30 and

5:00 pm.


Housing and Community

All host families are in the same residential community where TCE's director and his family live. It is at Nanxiang Town, 30 minutes by subway to central Shanghai.  It is a large newly developed residential community, with townhouses and highrise apartment buildings. The area also has three parks, two shopping center, a subway station, two gyms, two kindergarten-preschools and one elementary school.  Host families have relatively large apartments or townhouses, with housekeepers or un-working mothers, or grandparents to take care of the housework.  Each child and his or her parent/guardian will have a single room in the house or apartment.  All host families are within 15 minutes of walking distance.  Kindergarten-preschool and the elementary school are also within 5-20 minutes of walk from host families.


Services Provided by TCE

Screening and selecting host families, and provide cross-cultural training for host familiesŸ  

Providing Private Chinese lessons taught by professionally trained teachers  

Group arrival airport pickup and departure delivery between residence and a

Orientation (pre-departure and onsite)

Designing program details, including excursion itinerariesŸ  

Communicating with host kindergarten and elementary school to help children adjust to new environment

Helping parents interact with local community, helping them make travel plans, such as buying train tickets and reserve hotels, renting furnished apartment(s) for parents not living with host familiesŸ  

Organizing cultural activities and excursions.  TCE staff member will accompany the group on all site visits and excursionsŸ  

24/7 of staff assistance.  TCE Director’s house will be the communal house for participants and staff during the day

Program Date: From two weeks to three months, between May 15 and August 31. 

Application fee: $100, paid at the time of application; not refundable,but will be deducted from    program fee when participation is confirmed. 

Program fee: (including housing, food, tuition, activities, etc.)


       Program length

       Student fee

   Parent/guardian fee

      2 - 3 weeks

      $1,100 per week

      $495 per week

      4 – 5 weeks

      $1,000 per week            

      $475 per week

      6 or more weeks        

      $900 per week

      $450 per week




Application deadline:  Four weeks before the arrival date. Contact TCE staff for recommended    arrival date.

How to apply: Please request an application form from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Tel: 86-1360.1960.704.