China Studies and Internship

The China Studies and Internship Program 

Hosted at East China Normal University (ECNU), this program includes 8 China studies courses designed according to US college standard, and are taught by qualified international and Chinese faculty.  The program also includes Chinese language courses of various levels.  Students may choose to take a combination of English courses and Chinese courses, or just English courses for one or two semesters.

Time Table:

Spring: Late February to early June

Fall: Early September to mid-December

Summer: Mid-June to late August


International Marketing (China Focus)

International Trade

China's Macroeconomic Impact

Issues in Contemporary Chinese Society

Globalization and Urbanization: China's Urban Transformation and What It Means for the World
Chinese Civilization: An Introduction

Classical Chinese Philosophy

Cross-Cultural Communication

Contemporary Chinese Cinema

Introduction to Chinese Government, Politics and Policy

Various levels of Chinese Language from beginning to advanced. Students will take a placement exam and be placed in the proper level.

China Studies + Internship Program

This program is for students who study in academic year (fall and spring), or in spring and summer. Namely, students may choose to take courses in fall and take internship plus language in spring, or take courses in spring and take internship plus language in the summer.   Students will earn US standard credits for the internship by completing an internship project.  Note: The internship option may change due to government policy change concerning international students.  Please confirm with TCE at the time of application.

Host University

As one of the nationally prestigious universities China, and one of the top three universities in Shanghai which is conveniently located in the inner ring of the metropolitan Shanghai, East China Normal University  attracts a large number of international students to study various of subjects.  The university also specially well known for its Teaching Chinese as a Foreign language program.

Program Activities and Features 

Pre-departure and onsite orientations, airport pick up

Private tutorial assistance for internship and Mandarin students

Weekend excursions in and out of Shanghai

One-week excursion to remote historical places such as the Silk Road and the South West Minority regions

Course related site visits in Shanghai

On-campus hotel style dormitory housing (single rooms available for early applicants without extra charge)

Homestay available

24/7 Emergency help

Instructors and Transcript

English courses are taught by international faculty from abroad and China. Language courses are taught by ECNU language instructors and teaching assistants.  Internship is supervised faculty and company supervisors. The  English transcripts will be issued by ECNU. 

Housing and Meals

Eligible students will be placed in on-campus international dormitories of double rooms or single rooms (pending availability). Each room has a desk, a TV set, a bathroom, an air-conditioner, and linens. Internet is available. There is a communal kitchen on each floor, equipped with a gas stove and a refrigerator.  Washing machines (free of charge) are installed in the building.  ECNU will also issue each student a campus card, with which students can dine at the university student cafeterias for about 10-15 RMB (1.5-2.4$) per meal. Many international students also choose to eat at the restaurants near the campus, with about 20-30 RMB (3-5$) per meal.  Note: on campus dormitory rooms are available for early applicants.  No guarantee for late applicants.  Dormitory may not be available for students participating in internship, in which case TCE will help students rent off-campus apartments.

Homestay option (with meals covered) is available for an additional fee.  Contact TCE for specific information.

Program Fee:   $ 10,500 for semester students

                       $ 19,000 for Academic year non-internship students

                       $ 16,000 for Academic year or spring+summer with internship students (housing not included for internship period)

How to Apply

Currently enrolled college students and high school graduates who have been admitted into colleges may apply.  Please follow the steps below to apply:

1.   Notify TCE via email of your application: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Pay

     $165 application fee to designated bank account. (non refundable)

2.  Complete the online Application Form (click Apply on the navigation bar).

3.   Submit a one-page application letter that states your academic background and your learning interest in the program. 

4.   Submit other documents as requested.

Application deadlines:  

December 1 for Spring semester.

June 1 for Fall semester.

Contact Information

Telephone: +86-1360.1960.704

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.