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Early September  - Early January


Summer Graduate Seminar 

This five-week seminar is designed to meet the standard of US graduate (or post graduates in British system) programs of Chinese studies. It is for Master and Ph.D. students in the fields of Chinese language, literature, film/drama, history, and related fields. TCE provides strong individualized research and language support.  Students may take 1 or 2 courses listed below, taught by Chinese and international scholars.  Seminar theme: The Transformation of Tradition in Contemporary China. TCE also provides a variety of services and cultural activities.

  Please contact TCE for China based scholarship availability.

  Courses (Two years of formal Chinese learning or special  permission is  required for all courses)

EALC 685 (East Asian Languages and Cultures), Directed Research Project on China Studies (中国专题研究)

Once on this course, students will each submit a research topic and research plan to state the research goal and assistance needed. During the course, the instructors, tutors, and supporting staff will help students gather and read the materials relevant to the research topics. Students are expected to interview local people, visit significant sites, and attend lectures given by the instructors and distinguished guest lecturers. Students will each complete a research report/paper at the end of the program (due a week after the program ends).  The research findings of the students in this class may be developed into the students' MA thesis or Ph.D. dissertation.  Instructors: Yanfeng Li.

  EALC 580 Classical Chinese for Researchers (古代文献阅读)

This course teaches students classical Chinese to help understand and translate classical Chinese texts for research purposes. Learning research methods about classical studies is an important part of the class: students will be introduced to the conventional categorization and modern digitalization of the classics. The course emphasizes on decoding the layers of cross references and allusions in classical texts. A variety of important concepts that constantly appear in classical Chinese will be introduced, such as titles of the imperial officials, terms of religious ceremony, common historical terminology, technical terms about classical poetry, and vocabulary of daily life (such as family, furniture, clothes, birds/animal, plants/flowers, etc.). As a final project of this course, students are required to read a certain amount of texts of their own field of study to deliver a final report. Understanding the influence of classical Chinese on modern Chinese speech, writing and social manners is also one aspect of this course.  Instructors: Yangben Dai.

EALC 540 Academic Chinese Reading and Translation (学术论文阅读)

This course helps students develop the ability to read & comprehend modern academic articles in a particular research field. Classroom instruction includes the following components: build vocabulary for a specific research area; study commonly seen academic writing format as well as sophisticated sentence structures; introduce basic translation theories and skills.  The course also introduces electronic tools and web resources for research article searching, reading and editing. Instructor: TBA. 

  EALC 610 China Study Research Method (中国研究方法)

This course introduces bibliography, citation convention in contemporary China, and in the west. The focus is on how to efficiently find scholarly materials published in Chinese and other languages. Various electronic scholarship resources developed in China will be introduced. The course also introduces scholarly journals and publications in China concerning the students' particular fields of study. Students are expected to carry out a series of research practice activities.  Instructor: Weilie Gu.

Semester Programs:  Semester courses include the above and Direct Enrollment Courses Taught at Host University. HSK 5 or special permission is needed for enrolling in these courses.  Please contact us for a complete course list. 

Attention: Direct enrollment courses are offered early-September to mid-January in fall, and late February to end of June in spring, in accordance with Chinese academic calendar.

Program Features

       Pre-departure and onsite orientations, airport pickup

     Intensive reading classes of project related material

     Weekend overnight excursion to Sanqing Mountain in Jiangxi Province

     One on one tutorial and research assistance

     Access to ECNU library

     Site visits in Shanghai and nearby water towns

     Traveler's insurance

     Housing/homestay reservation assistance

     24/7 Emergency help


Host University

This program is jointly administered by TCE and the College of International Chinese Studies (CICS) of East China Normal University (ECNU). The CICS of ECNU is one of China’s leading colleges for international education, including teaching Chinese as a second language. It currently has 7 Professors, 22 Associate Professors and 27 lecturers. It also has 45 doctoral students, 131 master students, and 570 undergraduate students. It is an ideal academic community where international students interact with their Chinese school mates.  ECNU is one of the top universities in humanities and social sciences in China. 


English transcripts and certificates will be issued by ECNU. English syllabi and detailed information about the courses are available for credit transfer purpose.

Application Requirement

Students who are currently enrolled in a graduate program, or who will enter a graduate program, with Chinese language level that is equivalent to 4 semester of college or high school learning.  To apply:
Submit the online Application Form in the Apply section.
Submit a one-page application letter that states your academic background and your research/learning interest in the program. The letter should also include the title, email/telephone contact information of two references.

  Pay $165 application fee (non-refundable, click Apply on the navigation bar to view payment options).

  Application deadlines: contact us for detailed starting/ending dates and deadlines.

Housing and Meals

On-campus housing is available in the international student dormitories, but they are limited and must be reserved very early. These rooms are available for approximately 100 RMB per person with double occupancy (or 200 RMB for single occupancy). Students may also live in inexpensive hotels near campus for approximately 150-200 RMB per room per day (double or single occupancy). TCE will help students reserve these two types of housing. TCE will also help arrange host families for students to live with, usually one student per family. For more information about living with host family, please contact us individually.

ECNU will issue each student a campus card with which students can dine at the university student cafeterias, for about 10-15 RMB per meal. Many international students also choose to eat at restaurants near campus, with about 20-30 RMB per meal.

Summer 2015 Program Tuition:

Application fee: $165 

Tuition: $3,550

This tuition covers the Academic Chinese course and a bilingually taught course listed above. 

Semester Tuition (spring or fall):
Application fee: $165 

Tuition: $6,500

This tuition covers graduate courses taught in Chinese, and a one-on-one academic Chinese course that helps the student read learning materials, and guides him or her to write academic papers.  Students who pursue a graduate degree are eligible for scholarship.

For students who take only bilingually taught courses (taught in Chinese and English), the following fees apply:

One course


Two courses


Three courses


Four courses


All students are eligible for the program activities and features listed above.

Housing is not included in the above tuition and fees.

To apply, please notify This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will guide you through the application.

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