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TCE's Online Chinese Instruction is hosted in East China Normal University in Shanghai, and instructors are professionally trained from the College for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Classes are small (1-4 students per class). Instructional method is interactive and performance based, to guarantee dynamic student practice.


Credit Courses Credit courses are designed to equal US college or high school courses.  One semester of college level course is usually equal to two or more high school semester courses. Students who successfully complete such a course will be able to pass the placement test of their schools, thus either waiving a course or enrolling in a higher level.  We can also teach by high school pace if requested.

Free Chinese Tutorial lessons  TCE sponsors periodical free online tutorial for interested international students. Students will receive one to two hours of tutorials a week for up to four weeks.  Professionally trained turtors will help students practise speaking and reading, or help them deal with difficult homework, or memorize vocabulary in their textbooks.  Please contact us to receive detailed information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


HSK Training Courses TCE provides training courses for HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), known as the Chinese Proficiency Test, is TOEFL’s counterpart in China. HSK is required for students who want to study in a Chinese college and apply for scholarship. The HSK certificate is also recognized by many employers as proof of Chinese language skill.


                                                                   Course Fees


Totally 8 levels of Chinese are offered: 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302, 401, 402

Class time: Customized according to students’ time zone, may be taught on weekends

Credit Courses (50 min. per class)

Class Size

Tuition (per student) 

30-hours Coruses (for quarter system schools): in 8 weeks for colleges, 15 weeks for high schools,  equal to 1.5 college credits.

1 student

1,050 $ (without transcript)

2 students

558 $ (without transcript)

3 students

385 $ (without transcript)

4 students

289 $ (without transcript); 

425 $ (with transcript, 4-8 students)      


60-Hour Courses  for semester schools:

Taught in 15-16 weeks for college students, and 30-32 weeks for high schools; equal to 3 college credits.

1 students

2,028 $
(without transcript)

2 students

1,115 $
(without transcript)

3 students

743 $
(without transcript)

4 students

557 $ (without transcript);  

850 $ (with transcript, 4-8 students)      

Customized Courses(credit or non-credit) such as Spoken Chinese, Writing, Business Chinese, Chinese for Legal Purposes can be arranged according to students' need.  Please contact us for details.


Chinese Tutorial for K-12 and College students: 80 CNY (about $13) an hour, one on one or one on two. For students enrolled in a Chinese class who want partners to practice speaking or other skills.


HSK Training

33 classes each session, in 4 or more weeks

1 student

6,500 CNY (Level I, II); 7, 250 CNY (Level III, IV); 8, 000 CNY (Level V, VI)

2 students

4,000 CNY (Level I, II); 4,250 CNY (Level III, IV); 4, 750 CNY (Level V, VI)

3 students

3,000 CNY (Level I, II); 3, 250 CNY (Level III, IV); 3, 500 CNY Level V, VI)

4 students

2,500 CNY (Level I, II); 2, 7500 CNY (Level III, IV); 3,000 CNY (Level V, VI)


1. Classes are scheduled according to students' and instructors' time zones, and can be flexible.

2. Each class has 50 minutes. Class schedule can be flexible (may include weekend). Class size is small, usually 1-4 students each class.

3. Students are expected to complete homework, quizzes and exams.

4. The class is taught in interactive and performance based manner, students will be actively engaged in speaking, reading and writing practice.

5. Students are expected to hand in homework promptly, through email. Instructors will correct homework promptly and provide feedback.

6. A syllabus that includes the weekly schedule will be handed to students before the class.

Technology Advice:

1. There will be a distance learning orientation (including demo classes) before class to help students familiarize with online language learning.

2. Use cable internet instead of wireless internet for faster speed.

3. Use an earphone or headphone set with a microphone instead of the laptop's microphone and speakers for better audio and video quality.