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Wolong Selenium-Sinc Rich Tea


About Wolong Tea Company 公司简介

Incredients and Function 微量元素和功能



Great tea has to come from great mountains.  As an ancient poem goes, wolong tea “comes from the deep Qin & Ba Mountains, nurished by the original springs of the Han River, posseses the essence of various medical herbs, and retains the energy of the sky and the earth.”  Wolong Tea Plantation and Research Institute are located at the southern side of the Dingjun Mountain, where the land is virginal, and 

the soil is selenium and sinc rich.  The land is covered by orest, with various creeks running through.


TransChina Education is appointed by Wolong Tea Plantation to be its only agent for international sales. All international customers please contact  

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for product information and and purchase.
Tel: +86-13601960704, +86-18602114015, www.transchinaedu.com/tea.



Every 100 grams of wolong tea contains the following amount of ingrediants:


1.    Selenium: 4.9-10 ug      2. Magnesium: 18-23.4 mg 

3.  Sinc: 4.7-6 mg               4 . Ferrum: 12.7-17 mg

5.    Vitamin: Vc 38 mg        6. Vigamin E: 13.8 mg  

7.   Folic Acid: 213 mg        8. Nicotinic Acid: 7.32-36 mg

9.    Amino Acid: 24.2 g       10.    Protein: 34.9-36.8 g

11.   Tea Polyphenols: 22.5-30.5 g

12.   Alkaloids: 1.3-1.68 g


Product Features:

Zero chemical fertilizer or pesticide. Lasts ten times longer than non-organic tea of similar type, and 1000 times stronger in corrosion resistance. It fits all ages.


Preservation and Drinking methods:

Keep in low temporature place, in sealed container or bag. For green tea, put 2-3 g of tea leaves in teapot, add 70 degree centeigrade water (90 degrees for red tea), allow tea leaves to soak for 2-3 minutes, and pour water into another container hrough a filter. This is to avoid the tea leaves to be soaked for two long. Each bag can make up to 15 small cups of tea.


How to place an order:

To order to be freshly produced, pay 85% of non refundable deposit. For shipping to overseas address, the price will be 10% higher.


Product Image

Product Name & Producing Time

Annual Production Capacity

Retail Price

RMB Per Pack





Secret Sweet Due



May – Sept.

200,000 packs

25 tons


Super value type

125 g elegant package




 (125 tons)


125 g elegant package



500 tons


200 g convenience package





Golden Shoots


Mid- April

100,000 packs

(1 ton)


Super value type


50,000 packs

5 tons








Snow Shoots


Mid- April

10,000 packs

1 ton


Super value type



30,000 packs

(3 tons







Wonlong Green Tea



150,000 packs

30 tons



100,000 packs

20 tons


Super value type




Wolong Spring


Around May 1

400,000 packs

(40 ton)



200,000 packs



Super value type





Love Green Flowers


2 million packs

(200 tons)


Super value type


1 million packs

(100 tons)










Halcyon Spring


Around May 1

1 million packs

(100 tons)


Super value type


50,000 packs

(50 tons)

















125 g

Produced according to advanced plan

200 tons


Super value type


50 tons




Produced only when ordered

200 tons